The Modern Day Rock Star Presenter

What comes to your mind when you think of a rock star speaker? Is it a slightly quirky American accent, guy liner with a hint of makeup, good muscle definition or golden voluminous hair? These days, there is a popular internet saying that says, “Not every hero puts on a cape.” This could also apply to the contemporary rock star presenter.

There are qualities that you have to search for in a professional to gain valuable insight if they can deliver what you want. After speaking to industry experts we gained newfound knowledge that has made us to put together a cheat sheet that will guide a corporate manager to hire the most qualified person for the job.corporate speakers

Being Engaging

How engaging is a professional? Do you perch on the edge of the chair waiting for him to finish his sentence? Are you visualizing the voice coming from his mouth as smooth as slightly warmed butter?

A true rock star speaker will facilitate audience participation. He will pose the right questions to the audience and work them into a wild frenzy. This is what being engaging entails.

Content Knowledge

It is important for the speaker to know the topic he will be presenting at a seminar, whether the topic is catering Melbourne, corporate finger food or making money in a small business.


Is your speaker a taker or giver? According to Tony Robbins, the BEST leaders are givers. Great leaders are also amazing listeners. Guys, have you chatted with an irritable girlfriend and left wondering why she is cranky? This is a regular occurrence, the reason she might be cranky might be hunger, so get her some chocolate or food. Even if that is not the case but the reason for her annoyance is something you did last week, at least you are actively trying, just like a leader would do. In addition, chocolate normally fixes everything, right??


Has your rock star speaker sorted his stuff? How well is he aware of what will happen next? Will he flick between flat messages or use a PowerPoint presentation? Will he use a wireless handheld gadget to change screens?

Maybe he prefers the old school approach of using an oversized notepad and/or a whiteboard. If that is the case, you will have to hope that he has a legible handwriting and is multi skilled.

Gear Knowledge

You should check out whether the speaker has his own wireless microphone. A rock star speaker will have a wireless microphone and a flawless microphone technique. He will not put any ‘plosives’ into the microphone head.

I am thinking that most people will be asking themselves, “What the hell does plosive mean!” A plosive is simply when the microphone is too close to the mouth and the presenter speaks a consonant too loud or abruptly resulting to a solid whoosh of air straight into the microphone head. The microphone will pick up the low frequency and send a big boom sound via the speakers.

If you are standing close to the speakers and the sound makes it back around to the microphone, you will get what is called “Feedback,” that can quickly transform into a high pitched never ending ring. You can stop this using any of the following techniques:

– Point the microphone away from the speaker
– Instruct the audio technician to cut your microphone
– Switch the microphone off

Is He All Talk

Most onlookers will view the person standing and talking in front as the expert. For rapport and credibility building with the audience, there is need to make sure that the speaker actually knows his stuff.

Can you imagine your rock star speaker telling people about saving money with investment real estate yet he is renting a house?

Larger Than Life

There is one thing that all rock stars have in common. It is the fact that they are larger than life. They do not work, sleep and eat like the regular guys. They do things differently. You need to spot the X factor in a potential speaker.

finger food caterings


And The Most Important Issue, Do They Take Time To Feed You?

A great leader or rock star speaker will sense when his audience stops concentrating due to hunger and ring the food bell! A seminar is not complete without a wide range of delicious food offered by a certain catering company in Melbourne. Seminar catering will offer corporate finger food, food platters and gluten-free food among other choices. Every seminar participant should be fed something nice.

Where Are These Rock Stars?

This is definitely the question on your tongue right now. Often times, you will find them hiding in the strangest of places, afraid of being spotted by paparazzi! Okay maybe not, you might just have to knock on the right doors, of say wedding celebrants, event planners and existing experts in your topic industry of choice. Either way, there are many places where you will find the best rock star for your presentation.

Good Luck in Your Search!